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Wyłączny przedstawiciel naszych wyrobów "Gucio",
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So who is behind this website?

I'm a mother of two boys - 14 and 1, working part time and selling Gucio Baby shoes in between. Yes, it is busy but I love it.

My sister bought Gucio Baby Shoes few years ago, for her son Hubert, who was learning to walk. She absolutely loved everything about it - the ergonomic design, the material (leather), back support and the funky look.
Two years later a pair of Gucio Baby Shoes arrived at my doorsteps ready to be tested by my offspring. Instantly, I fell in love with it, and I knew I don't want any other shoes for my son.

The little cute design, as well as the uniqueness of Gucio Baby Shoes attracted a number of mums at my local playgroups, playgrounds, mothers group, and even parents at the shopping centers.  Gucio Baby Shoes received a lot of attentions, and  questions were asked "Where can I buy it ? ". Gucio Baby Shoes received a lot of praise. Parents were saying that there is not much choice here in Australia when it comes to good quality shoes for babies, so I decided to change that.

From then, the rest happened very quickly - I contacted the owner and founder of Gucio Baby Shoes - Slawomir Piwowarczyk, and today you are able to buy them in Australia.

I'm very proud to represent this wonderful, kid's friendly invention, here in Australia. This isn't another overseas made product that floods Australian market- Gucio Baby Shoes are 100% hand made in Poland out of softest leather, with qualities like no other shoes in the world.

Mums & Dads  - you now have a choice! 


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